How to hide color variations in the 'Be Yours' theme?

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I'm using the Be yours theme.

I want to add color filter to the filter part, I did this with shopify app, but when I click on the product, color option comes out in the variations.
I found it very ridiculous that my products appear one color by structure and one color option in variations.
How can I make the color part invisible from the variations section that appear next to my product?

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 The part I'm talking about is at the bottom of the picture.

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Hello @Koriva 

Can you please let me know which app are you using for this filter and also please share your store link

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I'm using Shopify's own app, search and discovery


I don't want to share my website because it's not ready yet. You can think like I'm starting from scratch.


 This is what it looks like now. I want to do it like in the photo above


2_661e7140ef6ce (1).jpg