How to I split a multi color sku product into different product pages?

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Our store sells jackets and vests. A few of our skus have multiple color options. Currently we have one product listing with all the skus built into it. I noticed some high end apparel companies will list the same product on a collection page but show each color option in the collection. When you click on one of the color options in the collection and go to the main product page you can then click through the multiple color options from there. Does shopify or a certain theme have these capabilities?


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Hi @JMule 
Although, it is possible with custom liquid code, but you will require a deep knowledge of liquid to implement this.

There is a shopify theme Impact that has this feature, This is documentaion of the feature


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Hi @JMule ,


You can list the product independently and use code to create option like below.



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Hi @JMule,

One approach you might consider is creating each color as a separate product.

Then, you can add custom code or use the Easify Product Options app, specifically leveraging the Option URL feature combined with Image Swatch/ Color Swatch/ Button/ Dropdown option types. This setup allows you to create cross-product links.

So, when customers select a color variant, they're taken to that specific product page where they can see all available colors. If they click on another color, they'll be redirected to the corresponding product page. Visually, it'll resemble switching between regular Shopify color options, but it's actually transitioning among different products.

Below is an example:

  • Storefront:





  • Simple app settings:



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