How to identify another shopify site's theme when its identified as "null"

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so I've seen a site that i like the design of and wanted to know what their theme/template is.  Here is what I see when I do View Source from my browser: = "";
Shopify.theme = {"name":"1\/5\/17 9:22am","id":155863621,"theme_store_id":null,"role":"main"};
Shopify.theme.handle = "null"; = {"id":null,"handle":null};

I'm confused by what I see.  Can someone help me understand how to figure out the theme the site is using?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Hi Kim,

The only field that is going to point you to the somehow meaningful name of the theme used by a store would be provided in the "name" field of the Shopify.theme object. It works just great if the shop owner/designer doesn't provide a name of the theme, in which case the "name" field would hold the original theme name. If the shop owner/designer changes the theme name on import (or it is a custom theme) you'll get less descriptive names, like in the case above: "1/5/17 9:22am".

On a side note, you can just send a friendly email to the shop's support team and try to find this out :)



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I know this post is old, but just in case anybody comes across this via Google (like I did)  I'll answer it.


You can use the website below to find out what theme a Shopify store is using.

Simply paste/type the website address into box and click SEARCH.


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resurrecting a dead post here.

Thanks for the webpage. Tho I've tested it on a website that has a personalized name for theme_store_id and it has returned just that name, which isn't helpful.

What has worked wonders for me so far, is looking for this line: