How to identify product suppliers in mixed orders?

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We have a category with multiple suppliers, resulting in mixed orders. Thanks to the DPD Fulfillment app, we can select products in the order and even split them into different shipping labels. The problem is that within the order itself, I cannot see which supplier the product is from, making it challenging to separate them. In another words, when We have an order with multiple Itesm from diffrent suppliers, coming out from diffrent warehouses, we are having issues recognising which item belongs to which supplier. That result in slower productivity in our end. Figuring out the suppliers for such an order as example above, takes significant amount of time. What we are looking for: when we open such an order to see the corresponding supplier associated with this item in our end. 

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One possible solution is adding the supplier in the properties field of the cart line items using the Cart AJAX API:

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