how to load a page behind the header in dawn theme?

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For aesthetic design reasons, I'm interested in loading the next page but without displaying the title 'Clases de Surf' It's easy to remove that text, but then the page wouldn't have an H1...


The only option I can think of is to use an anchor link, but that would also impact SEO negatively.


Does anyone know how to load the entire page while ensuring that the H1 'Surf Courses' remains behind the header?


This way, even though the user wouldn't see it when the page loads, the H1 would still be present (the user could see it by scrolling up).

Thank you very much.

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Hi @NachoBCN12 

You can add this code to your theme.css file before </body> tag to hide title of that page and H1 will still available when checking the SEO

#titulo { display: none !important; }


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thank you very much! It works. And I hope that google 

doesn't penalize me for hiding the title h1....
Can any SEO expert confirm that?