How to maintain consistent font size in product descriptions?

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When I go to edit a product description and add or copy and past details into the description box.  After saving and looking at the save version on my site, the edited text font has reduced in size.  How do I fix it where my edited details are consistent with the rest of the font?

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Hard to be specific without seeing your storefront, but one possible cause is that when you copy and paste some formatting will be inherited from your source.


There are ways to prevent this:

  • Paste your copied text to a plain text editor like Notepad first, then copy from Notepad and paste into Shopify (on Mac use TextEdit and do Format=> Make plain text before copying); or
  • When copying into Shopify, click </> button first, paste, then click </> again. This will break all the paragraphs, but will ensure there is no unwanted formatting.


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