How to make a field required on cart page

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Hello there!


I have added custom code to add a 'delivery date picker' to my cart page. I want to make this a required step on my cart page so that the customer cannot proceed to checkout without selecting a date. Can anyone help?


Thank you!


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hI @CiaraChezCheese ,


Welcome to the Community.

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Hi Cirara,


This can be a little tricky depending on how your theme is structured and which date picker you're using.


If you have some Javascript knowledge, your best bet would be to add an event listener to the <form> on the cart page, and run some validation when the form is submitted.


That is how we provide this option with our Bloom date picker app. The code would be something like:


document.body.addEventListener("submit", function (e) {
  if ("action") === "/cart") {
    if (document.querySelector('#ID-OF-DATEPICKER-FIELD').value === "") {
      alert("Please select a delivery date");
      return false;


This should work for pretty much every theme.


Hope this helps! Best of luck.

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Hi there,


The delivery date picker is included in the cart when using our app Store Pickup & Delivery