How to make a video play on narrative in mobile?

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In the narrative theme, the slideshow is the first thing that you see on the homepage.  I made mine an autoplay video about the product, and it works absolutely beautifully in the website, and in my opinion is the best part of the entire site.  The major issue is that it does NOT play at all on mobile.  I understand that this was done by design, but I NEED to get around it.  It is simply not the same with an image no matter how good the image is and my conversion rate would unquestionably be much lower.  I need advice or support on how to somehow make it compatible with mobile, do NOT tell me why the designer implemented it or anything, just tell me what to do to change it, it needs to be changed.  In short, how can I make the narrative theme autoplay the slideshow video on mobile like it does in the demonstration with the bike video for the narrative theme with the cold style?  Thank you.