How to make banner Clickable

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How to make banner Clickable? 

We want customers to be directed to our preferred page when they click on the actual banner instead of clicking on the 'Shop Now' button, to avoid any inconvenience for mobile and Desktop users.

this is the website:

Theme: Planter Version 2.0.0

Thank you.

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Hi @SMSIGroup1 ,


I have checked the store and banner it's possible either by adding anchor tag in div or using JavaScript click event.
Also I think you're using slideshow so may be you can check options if there is a way to make it clickable.


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Hi @SMSIGroup1 ,


This is David at SalesHunterThemes.

if you wanna click on the banner and customer directed to our preferred page , you must custom some code.

You can try to follow these steps:

Go to Online Store -> Themes -> Actions -> Edit code.

Go Section folder find slideshow-section.liquid

You search slideshow-section and add this code below tag <div> 


<a href="/collections/advance-collection" style="position: absolute; width: 100%; height: 100%; z-index: 2"></a>



Go Theme folder 

Add the following code above </head> tag


 [data-section-type="slideshow-section"] {
  position: relative;


If you're not confident in your coding skills, consider consulting a Shopify expert or developer for assistance.


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Hello @SMSIGroup1 ,


This is just a simple fix. Don't use any suggestion to add css in header or make change in template with inline css. 
I strongly recommend hiring a developer to make this simple change. They will charge a few bucks but the solution will be clean and compatible. 
If you still want to use these solutions paste css here and there in the end you will find you break the whole store rest your choice.  




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Hi @SMSIGroup1 


Please refer the below video




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