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Hello dear community, I'm using the focal theme and I want the discount text on the product page to be bigger. Also, I want to swap the sale price and before sale price. I have attached an image below of how I would like it.

Thanks in advance.






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@LeyDE - please add this css to the very end of your base.css file and check


span.price.price--highlight.price--large{order: 2; margin-right: 10px;}

.product-meta__label-list .label{font-size: 16px;}
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This didnt work quite properly. I want it to look exactly like this on mobile view:



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You need to use the font-size CSS property to adjust the text size. Doc:

You need to add the font-size attribute to your theme with the location as shown in the following image:

You can add the !important attribute to hard set the text size without changing. Ex:


font-size: 14px !important


If you do not use !important, the text size can be changed by some other CSS properties as shown in the image above, the green border.

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