How to make HTML block have expand/collapse ability (using Streamline theme by Archetype)

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I am currently trying to figure out a way of having HTML blocks have a expand/collapse capability similar to how description block (as well as other blocks). I've messed around with the main-product.liquid code and haven't been successful.


I am using Streamline by Archetype version 6.01


The reason why I'd like to use the HTML block is because I'd like to display certain product info depending a condition set by a product metafield.


Image below shows current state... notice how there's no triangle to collapse the info



Image below shows the description block, showing the triangle to allow user to collapse



Below is the code for HTML block located under main-product.liquid



Below is the code for description block



I am a novice coder when it comes to liquid, so I think I'm having issues understanding where exactly the liquid code is stored that handles this type of functionality because it seems to me like it would be located on a different file that is not main-product.liquid


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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The feature I'm working on is on a theme that isn't live yet. Let me know if there's anything else I can share that would help.