How to make transparent buttons with black text

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I have been trying to make the buttons on a slideshow on my dawn theme shop transparent with black text. 

I thought i'd be able to do this using the colour scheme controls without having to edit the code, but when i remove the 'solid button background' control, the buttons flash as i want them (i.e. transparent background and black text with no border) but then after a second or so the entire button turns black. 


I have tried editing the opacity in the coding but to no avail as then the text becomes transparent too. 


If anyone has had similar issues any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi @IeuanJames ,


can you provide link to your store?


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Hi, my link has a password how do i remove it? in the meantime ive attched two screenshots from the website to help explain. Ive just changed the button settings in the colour scheme that I am using, but for some reason it just turns black instead of transparent with black text.

Screenshot 2024-04-21 at 09.58.05.png

Screenshot 2024-04-21 at 09.58.20.png