how to modify Checkout page?

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how to modify the Checkout page?

because my product is free I don't need:

1. people's address,

2. Shipping method

3. Billing address


I just need on my checkout page:

1. First and last name 

2. Phone number 

3. Email 



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Hi @Kingo2,


Thanks for being part of the community! The Shopify Checkout can not be modified until you're a Shopify Plus merchant. What you can do instead is to deactivate Address line 2 if needed.


I know it might be frustrating, but just to know, all the fields that Shopify added at the Checkout are mandatory from a legal point of view. It doesn't matter if your product is free or not, the Shipping & Billing methods are needed and should be part of the invoice. 


If you're selling Digital products, then you can indeed deactivate the Shipping address - you have to configure the products based on Shopify Guidelines for selling digital products - click here to read it


Do not hesitate to DM me or respond here if you need any help with the set up or further questions. Thanks!

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