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How to modify Turbo theme mega-menu to open out on mobile and desktop?

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Hi there,


I'm using the Turbo theme by Out of The Sandbox and having an issue with the mega-menus. I would like the mega-menu to simply "open out" and not click through to a collection page, on both mobile and desktop. 


Two examples shown here - the first is the main mega menu itself and the second is a section header (WOODEN TOYS as the example) when the mega menu is opened up. I would like that the customer can only open them and only have the possibility of clicking on child collection pages, ie in this case "cars,trains & trucks / dolls accessories, games & puzzles). Is there anyone that maybe knows what to do please?


Many thanks,


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Hi @LaurenMcCreery - did you ever get a solution to this? We want the same functionality in our shop, especially on Mobile. We want the children menu items to be seen on click of the parent text in the menu item (just like it does when you click on the arrow on the right side). We did discover we can include "#" as the link in the parent menu item and it won't do a page reload or open a collection page. It would be nice if it would simply function like clicking on the arrow for the menu item. 

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Hi Pacnorwesty - did you ever find a solution to this? Unfortunately OOTSB made the mega menu headers unclickable on mobile from around update 7.1.0 onwards - so frustrating! In older theme versions they were clickable. So poor for usability - I have disabled the mega menus on mobile until I figure out a solution.

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I am also facing same issue as I want to design an amazing mega menu for my website.