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How to preselect a filter by default on the Search & Discovery app

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Hi there,


I was experiencing an issue with the Search & Discovery app where when I was filtering on size it was showing me all products with that size as existing variant even if it was out of stock. I found out that if I keep the 'Availability' filter and filter on 'In stock', that sorts out the issue.


However, forcing users to go through an additional filter to see sizes that are in stock is pretty useless so I was hoping I can find a way to have the 'In stock' option of the 'Availability' filter preselected by default and the accordion for the 'Availability' filter not collapsed. Could anyone help with that?

My website is

And here is a screenshot of the filter:

Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 10.50.28.png

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Hi @Gergana 


Please configure your search form as suggested in the below URL.


Hope this will help...

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