How to put back in "Show payment icons" option for footer, and accompanying code in footer section?

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Hi, thanks in advance for your help!  

The development team of our website cut out a ton of code in our current Dawn 2.0 build.


I am not a dev but I want to try to fix it myself in-house before deferring to the original dev team.


Currently, there is no button available for "Show payment icons" within the theme editor's Footer section, as would be found with the unmodified standard build of Dawn 2.0.


There is also none of the following standard code visible anymore within footer.liquid, which I assume would respond to the box being checked by displaying the list of available payment option icons:


<div class="footer__column footer__column--info">
{%- if section.settings.payment_enable -%}
<div class="footer__payment">
<span class="visually-hidden">{{ 'sections.footer.payment' | t }}</span>
<ul class="list list-payment" role="list">
{%- for type in shop.enabled_payment_types -%}
<li class="list-payment__item">
{{ type | payment_type_svg_tag: class: 'icon icon--full-color' }}
{%- endfor -%}


I do not know where to add back in that code.


Also, I do not know where I would even find the accompanying code for creating the missing box in the Footer section of the Theme Editor that I assume would trigger this "{%- if section.settings.payment_enable -%}", by making a check box within the Footer section of the theme menu.


I just want to put back the option to click the box and show the payment options in the footer, which these devs inexplicably removed totally, I guess for the sake of cleaner code?


I'd also be happy to just have the payment options display automatically, no checkbox in the theme editor, but I don't know how to delete the whole "if-then" curly brackets statement thing that would be triggered by the missing check box.


Also, how do I get the little available payment option icons to display in greyscale instead of "icon icon --full-color"?  Just replace "full-color" with "greyscale"?


Thank you!  I tried copy-pasting that whole section above into a duplicate of the current heavily modified theme file, but the furthest I got results-wise was displaying a single blank card icon, not the full list of icons that are available as payment options for customers, as would be the desired ideal outcome just the same as clicking the "Show payment icons" box in the standard build of Dawn 2.0.



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You can try to revert it to earlier code since it is a .liquid file.

There is an option on top of your file.

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