How to put images in correct position

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Hello Guys, well, as you can see, even though the slideshow images are playing, there's always one below.
Can you help me?
The theme is Stiletto.
thank You

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Hi @Joao_Pinto , 

Crystal here from Fluorescent!

Based on the screenshot you provided it looks like you may have an Image Hero section above the Slideshow section, which is why it is showing two images. You can drag and drop to rearrange the sections and add the Slideshow at the top. If this isn't what is going on and you would like me to take a closer look, can you please provide your store URL or if the theme is unpublished the preview link. 

Here's how to get that preview link:

While previewing your theme, there should be a bar at the bottom that looks like this:


Click the "Share preview" button, and a popup with a link you can copy will appear. The preview link should look like a bunch of numbers and letters followed by


That link will go directly to that copy of the theme so I can take a proper look.

I hope that helps, and if you need anything else please reach out to us in our Help Centre. 

Crystal C
Customer Support & Quality Assurance Specialist,