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How to redirect customer from my website to amazon for checkout

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I have heard about Amazon affiliate stores, where i will have the product on my site but the checkout exercise will be completed on amazon via my Affiliate ID

I am using the Amazon associate app which i have followed all of the instruction but still not working, Anyone can help me?


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I would contact the app directly if you're having problems.


If that doesn't work, I would define "still not working" so someone can help.


When I was doing amazon affiliates I just included the url + affiliate reference in a link, on a button on the product page.

If something isn't working right, the first step is to see what isn't working. For example, if you click a link and it doesn't go to Amazon product, then the link structure is wrong. If it goes to the page, you buy, but don't get credit, maybe the affiliate reference handle is incorrect.


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No sir, the kind of app on shopify is that i will have all the product listed on the site and when anyone wants to buy, on they product page the BUY NOW button will take them to amazon

I followed the installation procedure in the app too but not working yet