How to remove a text pre-set text in cart page shown in the picture

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Please help me out. I checked from the source inspect it come from div.cart-at-checkout or p.currency-at-checkout something like that.
Also of someone know how I can change the color of "remove" to make it clear I would Appreciate


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@Dunia What theme are you using? Can you share the web address and password (if locked)?

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You may want to keep that if you're using aspects of multicurrency. Without it you could expect some confusion as the customer enters checkout. If you really want it gone or at least hidden it will be totally possible to do without much fuss.

However, given there's a missing currency label (eg CAD) in the string it makes me think there's another issue at play making it show when it shouldn't.

A link to the shop, theme used, and some replication steps would be rather useful.

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