How to remove Billing Address fields

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My customers are Chinese (predominantly outside China)and pay using their WeChat account using a QR code I send them in their order confirmation email. 

As such I only have the “manual” payment method enabled for a custom type I call “WeChat payment” and all other  payments methods are deactivated. 

The problem I have is that customers are still asked to enter Billing Address when they click on the CHECK OUT button. 

I need their name and email but NOT their address. In fact this is putting some customers off proceeding past this screen as they don’t want to enter their address. 

Is there a way to remove the address fields?

Also Is there a way I can add a custom field to this form as I’d like them to enter their WeChat ID here too?


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Yes, this is hurting us too. We only have manual payment methods and don't need this info for our businesses.

I can imagine many online businesses don't need this, especially if only have manual payment methods.

Forcing customers to enter the extra, unnecessary info hurts conversions..