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How to remove Paypal Express checkout from the product page

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Hi all,


I am trying to remove the Express Paypal Checkout button from my Shopify products page.
I want to show only credit card (provided by Stripe) on the product pages.
I tried to add in my theme liquid the  .additional-checkout-button, .additional-checkout-buttons { display:none !important; } but it does not work

Can I have some help please?

Many thanks!

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey, @JonathanDiane!


Lulu here from the Shopify Support team. Thanks for reaching out here, and I'll be more than happy to help you out.


You can remove the Paypal express button on your product pages by disabling the dynamic checkout options within your theme. To do this you'll want to open up the theme editor by going to Online Store>Themes>Customize. In here click on the drop-down mean in the top bar to select 'Product Pages'.




Once you click 'product pages', you can scroll down and you will see the option to uncheck the dynamic checkout options. 



Please note: this will only leave the add to cart button on the product pages. We have a guide on dynamic checkout buttons here if you want to have a read to decide if this is something you would definitely like to switch off. 


Let me know if you have any further questions at all. You can also ask us all sorts of things. If you want our opinion about your business plan or site layout, even with marketing and growth aspects you're curious about, then be sure to reach out. Almost anything you have questions about when it comes to eCommerce, I've likely at least seen others touch on before and will be glad to help you too! 


Kind regards,


Lulu | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hello @Lulu I have the opposite problem,

I have dynamic checkout turned on but I can't see thePAypal  Espress checkout on product page.

If I try to test the button adding the code at the end of the link than the express checkout it's showing but is not showing from normal product page link.


This morning it was working but all of a sudden it disappear and no i can only see the "buy button"

I described here maybe more detailed my actions:


Hope you can help me



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@Lulu I've unticked the dynamic check out button as suggested, but I really want the Klarna payment advice option to remain in sight. How can I do this?

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Can you help me, as I have placed a PayPay Payment, which is not suitable for payment in my country. I have encountered many problems in the payment process, so can I find you a solution?

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Now in Venture theme. There is no more Options for dynamics checkouts. What should we do?

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I have the same issue did you find a fix for this?

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Hey, thank you for your reply.

I'd like to remove the Paypal button but keep Apple Pay and Google Pay. Is there a way to choose which payment provider button to display on this step?

Thank you