How to remove "there's no products in this collection"

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Apparently there was a way to do this with code, but the forum post was  2020 and it doesn't match up to the latest shopify version.

What I want is to hide the text on my primary collection page that says:

1. No products

2. There are no products in this collection. Keep on shopping.


I've organized my collections so each have their own primary collection:

ie: Meditation>




So when you click the primary heading "meditation" on the main menu it has no specific products associated with it (as a collection) which is why I'm assuming it says 'no products', etc. So I just need to get rid of that text whilst keeping the primary collection (because I cant delete it). 




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Hi @Kinh 

Could you share your page link?

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You can either remove the code that is adding the text or hide it with CSS.

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How do I do that?