How to remove underline link on dropdown header menu? (Dawn 2.0)

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To remove the underline link for the header menu, in base.css I've added 


.header__menu-item:hover span, .header__active-menu-item {
    text-decoration: none;


and it worked great! However, when I hover it and the dropdown menu appears, the links have underline. What code should I add to remove the underline from there too? Thank you so much!

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Hey, Alex!


This is going to be difficult to answer unless you provide a link to your website.


it could be as simple as: 


text-decoration: none !important;


But without being able to see the actual code, there just isn't a whole lot to work with.

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Please share your store URL!


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I have Dawn version 6.0.2

Find this:


"details[open] > .header__menu-item {

  text-decoration: underline;"


Change "underline" to "none" hope it helps