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How to resolve infinitely loading page and alter product price display?

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This is my store: My Store (

Password: 1234


I'm facing 2 issues


1-  In the collection list, when I click "Choose options" for a product, the page keeps infinitely loading



2- Is there any way to make it so the products in a collection don't show a price range, instead they show "FROM X" or "X+"?





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For your first issue, try turning on Quick Shop in your theme options. It seems the theme may be requiring the quick shop to be enabled.


For your sale prices, it looks like the theme supports ranges. Generally, this is something built into the theme. You'd likely need some custom code in order to show a + rather than a range when you have a range of prices on variants. You can check section settings in admin when customizing the theme on product pages to see if theres an option to change this display.


Hope this helps!


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I have enabled quick shop, and now both the "quick shop" and  "Choose options" buttons load infinitely 

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Hello @belal5 

About the first option, there is an error in empire.js (staticProduct is null)

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 22.17.37.png

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