Re: How To Show Color Variants As Separate Products

How To Show Color Variants As Separate Products

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Hi please help me I would like to show all my color variants as separate products.

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Hello @clayinfo, If you want to separate individual products from the variant then you should do it from your store's product admin. You can remove the variant from it and make it a single product. Please see the below screenshots.



If you still not getting it then please reply!


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Thank you for the response. I would still want color variants in my product page. I just want all colors to be visible in my collection page

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Hi @clayinfo,


We recently had to overcome the same issue and the short answer is that it’s not possible without custom theme development or using a 3rd party app. The other option is to set up product variants as standalone products (which can make managing inventory slightly more tedious).


We used custom theme development in the end as it’s the easiest and most dynamic way to manage products if you have a large amount of inventory. Happy to discuss in more detail if it’s of interest.


This thread has more detail for reference.


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