how to show percentage discount on product page in prestige theme

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I would like to add discount percentages and numbers on the product page.


Any suggestions on how to do this would be appreciated.


Thank you


Here's my web:


Product page.JPG





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Hello Arohan,

Raine from Klip Coupons here. 


Our team has just released an app called "Klip Product Page Coupons." It's built to show specific discounts for each product directly on the product page. You might find it useful for your store.


You can explore its features and benefits here: Klip Product Page Coupons.





Hope this solution aligns with your needs!




Klip Coupons

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That doesn't really seem like what they're asking for, based on the screenshot in their original post.


As shown, the price of the product on the PDP is already discounted, without a specific coupon being required.

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Hi Arohan, is this a markdown you've applied using the "compare at price"? Or an automatic discount?

It looks like "compare at price," so most likely, you'll need to edit your "price.liquid" file (or whatever product prices are called in your theme), and dynamically calculate the discount percentage using Liquid filters.

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Hi @Arohan , You can follow my instructions! 

Step 1 : Go to shopify admin -> online store -> theme -> Edit Code





Step 2: Go to price.liquid or the file includes your price


Step 3: Add this code after your sale price like this





{{ product.compare_at_price | minus: product.price | times: 100 | divided_by: product.compare_at_price | replace: '0,', ''| append: "%"}} 








I hope these instructions will help you. If they are helpful, don't forget to like and mark as the solution.

Have a nice day sir! 



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Unfortunately, the price.liquid does not exist in the prestige theme. Where can I insert this code?