How to show product variations as solo products on home page, keep one product page

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Hey everyone,


I have one product that has 5 color variations. I want to display each color variation as a solo product on my site's home page, but I want to keep all variations under one product page. I see a lot of Shopify stores do this, but I cannot figure it out.


1 -- I have tried creating separate listings for each color variation, but the landing page (product page) will only show the one color and not the swatches of the other colors.

2 -- I have also tried multiple apps that allow me to list each color variant in the collection page, but not the home page...


Anyone know how to accomplish this with apps, code, or backend shopify settings?

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Hi @mattks ,


You can accomplish this feature using our linkable product section. where you will able to connect all the different listed products.




Let me know if any detail you need.

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