How to transform my store into a portfolio.

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My business is in the field of hand made furniture and decoration and lately I've ben working in my new Shopify store and I have found a problem. All of my products are crafted based in the customer's opinion and style, with custom dimensions to fit their place, making every order a special one. With that said, regular product grids and collections would be unsuitable to say the least. What do you think I should do and how? My main idea is a portfolio kind of site, with products and grids without prices, quantities, buy buttons, etc. Furthermore, if I try to delete all the product's buy related blocks through the theme (Dawn) I am left with price tags in the product grid, as everything else can come off. Is code (which I have much experience with) my only solution?  Above that, I could use an app but I think it could be a lot simpler if I didn't.


All kind of ideas and solutions are welcome,


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Your special furniture needs a special website! A site like a big book of pictures showing off your amazing handmade things without any prices or buttons to buy them could be just right. If you're good at computer stuff, you might want to change the website's code to make it look the way you want. But if that sounds too tricky, there are apps that can help too. The important thing is to make sure people can easily see how awesome your furniture is when they visit your website stylish font generator.