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How to use linklist in a template file?

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I would like to give website managers the ability to easily edit a custom html/liquid banner element using the customizer. Specifically, using a link list dropdown. 


        "type": "link_list",
        "id": "button_link",
        "label": "Button Link"

Here is the liquid in settings-schema, but what do I need to put in my template file to actually get this information to do something?



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The code below will output the handle of the link list.

{{ settings.button_link }}

The code below will output the link list as an object.


Below is an example of outputting the links within the list.

{% for link in linklists[settings.button_link].links %}
  <a href="{{ link.url }}">{{ link.title }}</a>
{% endfor %}


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You're a genius. Thank you so much.

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Bacon saved!

this is the stuff that should be in the shopify docs