How to verify product compatibility for trailer parts on my website?

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Hello, i have looked around and i havent found anything similar, im working on a trailer parts website and im wondering if there is a way or option that a customer can verify that the part works on his trailer, even that the customer can register his trailer on his profile that he could click his model and his parts would appear for it. Im working with the manufacturers so they can pass me the models of their trailers with the parts specifications and im not sure with what system to go with, colection, tags or filter system, i have already got my product collection organized they way i want to but i wanna make sure i do it right before i put them in the store, and its about a 1000+ diferent products

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Hi Willy97,

If I am understanding your questions correctly you would like an application which would allow a user to check wether their existing product is compatible with the one listed on your shop. Is this correct?

If so, there are several ways you could approach this.
You could look for an existing app in the app store, this is one -- I've never used it -- which might work for you:

Another option would be to simply list the compatible models in a product FAQ or description. This would be the simplest approach for limited complexity but it sounds like you have too many products for this approach.

Lastly another simple approach would be to embed a form such as Typeform which would walk a user through their needs and existing models and would return the recommended product for their needs. Typeform:

I hope this helps!

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Hi @Willy97 

I think you can add a Year Make Model filter on your site to allow customer easily find the compatible parts.

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