How were these webstores built?

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Hi all!

I am new to Shopify and find the theme development process quite daunting as I only have basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and JS. I can build minimalistic web pages but nothing fancy at all yet. However, I find that most themes proposed for free by Shopify have a really bad design/identity to it and want something much more custom / bare bones for the webstore that I am building.

Could you help me finding out what these two references use? Were custom themes made specifically for those? How do you find out? Would it be a tough road to arrive to somewhat similar results??

The stores in my mind: Capsule Global and GR10K


Let me know your thoughts, I am looking forward to finding out answers to my questions, and thanks in advance to those who will take some time to answer!

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Hi @Goofables the store you share are totally custom code not even paid themes can auto build something like that, themes are a framework not a design, you will eventually need the design and custom code to build store to your expectations.

Contact for any custom design? Skype : ahsananc
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