I added a background image and now the product background is displaying as that image too

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how do I make the backgrounds all transparent? 


I already saw this answer (below) but dawn theme does not have  assets/timber.scss.css file.


"Please add below css code in bottom of assets/timber.scss.css file

.product-single__media-flex img.mfp-image {
            background-color: transparent;
Thank you."





Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 4.33.00 PM.png


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Hi @patdagle 

I just like to take a look, but its password protected. 

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I added a photo, can you use that? I can't currently take my site off pw protection. 

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@Made4uo-Ribe password is golobo1

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Hello @patdagle ,

I understand you are looking to change the background as transparent in your shopify store.

For this you have to make changes in your existing code.

=> First Go To Edit Code section and open base.css file

Now Find base.css file and find .gradient

Next, remove the background-image property https://prnt.sc/2cJ6HyXdUgot

It will remove the background image from the complete page.

=> If you want to add image in header section as by following above steps, image will be removed from the header section https://prnt.sc/_Qcsh_jVTgGM  , so you have to add below mentioned code in base.css file

section#shopify-section-sections--17230906425575__custom_liquid_tJ4WjY {
background-image: url(/cdn/shop/files/bg_ff_2.webp)!important;

=> https://prnt.sc/V6UO2wssj2cU

I hope the solution helps you.

Please let me know if you have any query.

Thank you.

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No I am trying to remove the background from the product images.