I am getting "translation error" on dropdown menu (Contact Page, Dawn theme)

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I upgraded from Debut theme to Dawn theme. I had succesfully installed a dropdown menu on my Contact Page using custome code (Liquid + JSON)


I attempted to do the same thing with my Dawn theme, but I am getting translation errors. Despite troubleshooting, I am unable to solve this. 


Here are the two snippets of code: 



<div class="field">
<label for="ContactForm-reason-for-contact">{{ 'contact.form.reason_for_contact' | t }}</label>
<select id="ContactForm-reason-for-contact" name="contact[reason_for_contact]" required>
<option value="">{{ 'contact.form.select_option' | t }}</option>
<option value="product_sourcing_request">{{ 'contact.form.product_sourcing_request' | t }}</option>
<option value="inquiry_about_a_listed_item">{{ 'contact.form.inquiry_about_a_listed_item' | t }}</option>
<option value="existing_order_support">{{ 'contact.form.existing_order_support' | t }}</option>
<option value="other">{{ 'contact.form.other' | t }}</option>



"contact": {
"form": {
"reason_for_contact": "Reason for Contact",
"select_option": "Please select an option",
"product_sourcing_request": "Product Sourcing Request",
"inquiry_about_a_listed_item": "Inquiry on a Listed Item",
"existing_order_support": "Existing Order Support",
"other": "Other",
"title": "Contact form",
"name": "Name",
"email": "Email",
"comment": "Comment",
"send": "Send",
"post_success": "Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.",
"error_heading": "Please adjust the following:"


Please let me know what can be done, thank you so much. 


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