I am opening a shopify store i need some of your suggestions

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Hello Guys,


I am opening a shopify store i need some of your suggestions


i cannot decide  on the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION PAGE ...     what would be best option for you guys ? what is trending now ?


for example:


1. this option  the product description page :  https://www.reflexcart.com/collections/makeup-beauty/products/hair-dryers-and-comb       you will notice the text with images is on the middle of the page and its more wide.

2. this option   the product description page:   has an image on the LEFT side and text + additional videos and images on the right side:  https://www.xtradedirect.co.uk/collections/kids/products/elera-baby-thermometer-infrared-digital-lcd...

3. this option   the product description page:   the picture on the LEFT  is centered and text on the right side is moving !    https://getstuffe.com/collections/home-garden/products/wireless-mini-electric-garlic-masher-vegetabl...


please i need your recommendations what is your best option ?



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Go with your theme defaults and focus your time and energy elsewhere.

Such things are too dependent on your specific context, product content, product quality and demographic user testing.

While tools like https://optimize.google.com/optimize/home/ can let you figure it out to make a data based decision instead of random opinions.

Ultimately unless you have the money and traffic to do proper a/b testing or engage with an expert on a deep level this is just distracting nonsense and tends to be a procrastination trap.



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