I am using Ella Theme and has error shown on top of my website

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I have following error shown on top of my website. dont know what caused and how to get rid of it:


Liquid error (layout/theme line 61): Could not find asset snippets/content_for_header.liquid

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Always backup themes and files before making changes.

If you need this fixed for you then contact me by mail for services, Contact info in signature.
ALWAYS please provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail.


Go to your theme.liquid in your code editor and around line 61 there will be something like the following {% render 'content_for_header' %} comment it out {% comment %}{% render 'content_for_header' %}{% endcomment %} or just remove the line.

Optionallly replace with the following {{ content_for_header }} to renable other apps and shopify injected functionality.


If you recently customized your theme, or used an app such as "performance" or "speed" app or uninstalled such an app they probably removed that file from the theme but didn't not clean up references to it.



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Hello @Hraz 👋

Inside Shopify Admin, you can go to Edit theme code, open file theme.liquid, find this code

{% include 'content_for_header' %}

and replace with this code

{{ content_for_header }}

Hope that helps!

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