I have a problem with google crawling errors

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I have a problem with Google crawling errors. This message appears in all products in Google. Please help solve this problem



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Those are warnings not errors, and they warn of OPTIONAL metadata.

If a product has no reviews there will be no aggregateRating or Review in the first place.

General troubleshooting:

  • First verify that that product does have that data entered in the admin for it, if data is present this indicates your theme may not support that OPTIONAL data
  • Also verify OTHER products that do contain that information are working, this indicates a problem with the specific product generating the warning(either data or malformed html)


If the above doesn't lead to a solution your theme may needs it's schema tags updated and you should either

  • check for an updated theme and test if that resolves the issue
  • contact the theme developer to see if they can support the change
  • or customize your theme to support the optional information

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Our website had persistent Google crawling errors. For over six months we couldn't get our products approved for Google advertising. Google's (so-called) help wasn't helpful at all. Nor were the Shopify forums or tech support.

So what DID help us: SEO online tools like rich test results and especially a third party api called Smart SEO. The culprit was structured data (aka: Schema Markup data) attached to our Shopify theme. Shopify needs to do more to help their users on this front in my opinion. You can also use this website to check your page health: https://validator.schema.org/

Shopify themes can have legacy Schema Markup data and microdata attached to them. Smart SEO api has a feature where it scans your website looking for microdata and turns it off. Their support staff were also helpful in getting our @id and brand structured errors resolved. The (so-called) Shopify expert we employed to design our website had used a theme with legacy microdata attached. I don't think she even knew how to manage it. It's not enough to be good at web cosmetics these days. It has to be bot friendly too or it's a waste of time and money.

Once we got our Scheme markup and microdata sorted, Google approved our products. At NO TIME did Google direct us to look at this data to solve their errors. Nor did Shopify. Maddening, to say the least.