I need help to display the second image of my products as the main image to display in the Shop

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I am looking for some help


I have used an app - Magic 360 to upload photos into that create a 360 rotation.

When the images are uploaded they appear in the Media files of all the different products I have in my store.

I also want to add some still images to my products that are not part of the 360, so I have added these in the Media section of the particular products and moved them to the start of all the media files.


However I do not want this image to be seen as the main image that appears - for example in the Shop page where my products are seen.


Is there anyway of setting the second image to be the main image for the product?  I would want to do this for all the products I have in my shop.


Any suggestions as to how I would go about doing this?


Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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