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I need to adjust my slideshow banner to fit on Tablet screens

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My slideshow banners are fitting perfectly on web and mobile, however when I view them from my ipad they seem very zoomed in (especially in portrait mode). I have tried everything to solve the issue but nothing is working. Kindly help. I am using the MONO theme.

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Try experimenting with images of different aspect ratios, to see if you can find a 'sweet spot' where you're happy with the sizing on each of your devices. 


Ex. if you're using an image that's 1300x600, then try maybe 1200x400 or 1600x500. 


Play around with the image sizes until you find a size that works best for how you want things to look. With that said, it can sometimes be hard to find an image size that works perfectly for all device types.


Most premium themes do have an option to upload a secondary 'mobile' image though (it's usually right below where you upload the image for desktop). Having 2 versions of the images (landscape for desktops, and portrait for mobile) can help with this. If your theme doesn't have this functionality built in, you can always try switching themes to one that does. You can test themes before purchasing by adding the demo to your store, and then exploring the settings built into it via the theme editor. 

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Thank you for your reply. I have purchased a theme which did have that added mobile and desktop image functionality built in. My banners fit perfectly on these two screens. However, when I view them from my tablet it does not fit well at all. The image is zoomed in and half of the content is cropped out.


I want my banner images to fit to that screen is well. Isn't there some kind of CSS technique to achieve those results. I've been trying out different ways but none is working for me.