I Wanna Replace My Buy Button/Add To Cart Button With A Custom Link Url (Enquiry Button)

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I am using DAWN theme and i wanna replace the link for the buttons available on the product page (any one)
here is my store link : https://b58128-e6.myshopify.com/products/diamond-earring?variant=47798300967203

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Can you clarify a little bit which buttons you want to edit? I suppose, you could change the URL's of the buttons in the Theme's Code.

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The buy / add to cart button i wanna change any one of them redirecting url to a custom url how can i do it ?

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Hello @Yash234 


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Follow the steps:

1. Open Customization. Click on 'Products > Default product' >> https://prnt.sc/Fm_1ifDoensb

2. Click on 'Product Information' and remove 'price', 'quantity selector' and 'buy buttons' blocks >> https://prnt.sc/sZ_4IfdDJhSW

This will remove the price, quantity selector, and buy buttons >> https://prnt.sc/dlRrm3wyX4Z-

3. Click on 'Add Block' > 'Text' >> https://prnt.sc/sgU1t3Y3pHJF

4. Add call us text >> https://prnt.sc/3AXLj6rSWiR2

5. Save


Please note this will disable the price and add to cart to all the store products.



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