I want to change search button to text search and account to text login

I want to change search button to text search and account to text login

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Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 11.20.24.pngI want to change my store https://swawe.store/products/desert-landscape like this below 
Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 11.38.59.png

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Hi @swawestore ,

May I suggest to update code these steps:

1. Go to Store Online-> theme -> edit code


2. Sections/header.liquid

3. Find "<account-icon>"

4. Refer screenshot below to update code


5. Find "<details-modal class="header__search">"

6. Refer screenshot below to update code



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Hi @swawestore 

You can add this code to your theme.liquid file, after <head> in Online Store > Themes > Edit code 

a.header__icon--account:after { 
content: 'Login'; 
position: absolute;
.header__icon--search > span:after {
content: 'Search';
.header__icon--search { text-decoration: unset !important; }
.header__icon--account svg,
.header__icon--search svg { opacity: 0 !important; }

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