I want to Create Artist Profiles with Detailed information

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New here, so apologies if this could be better served in a different category.


I have designed a site for a client who Runs a music festival, a very important component of the site should include the ability to add Artist profiles with a photo + embedded Soundcloud / Socials and so on. Currently the only way i have devised this ( and to keep things organized ) is by adding each Artist manually as a product then creating a template for each artist, stripping out the E - commerce side components, with only the aforementioned information displaying. Obviously this is an extremely cumbersome solution and does not make it easy for the client to add or change the Artist information in the future as each one has to be changed through the Customizer. 


Of course I am happy to explore other ideas or potential apps that could facilitate this. Wordpress uses Advanced forms to collect artist applications from the site, compiling them into a list where you can then choose which of those artists to publish to the site & a manual creation where you can add their info / bio / photos / Soundcloud ect then hitting publish commits that new profile to the site.


I know its a heavily customized solution, but does anyone know where I might even start to create a more efficient solution.




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Hi Rich, 

I just saw your issue regarding creating artist profiles. Just wanted to ask if you found any solution for that?