i want to have more options when a particular color is selected

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More photographs when a particular color selected


I am using the add - GLO swatch. I am making a website for a clothing brand. Each style has 2 combos. - black and white. When you go onto the page, there is only one color photograph that is displayed. But on selection of the color, i want more than one photograph to be displayed. Eg, if white is selected, the garment has other angles and i want all to be displayed. How can i do that? Please help


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Hi @seemaenand,

What do you think about separating your current product into 2 distinct items: black and white? Then, we can link them together, allowing customers to view the remaining color option while also enabling you to add multiple product images for each color. On the product page, it will appear as if customers are switching among regular Shopify variants, but indeed, they'll be navigating between your black and white products 😊.





If you're interested in exploring this approach further, just let me know, and I can provide additional guidance.

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