I want to improve my score of Google PageSpeed Insights

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It takes 9.7 seconds to minimize the main thread and 4.6 seconds to reduce the time it takes to execute JavaScript.
I think that it can be improved by deleting unnecessary JavaScript by design customization, but if you know an application that extracts unnecessary code at once, please let me know.

In addition, since there are many withdrawals on the cart page, we give top priority to improving the display speed of the cart page.
The buttons for payment methods such as Amazon Pay are slow to display. Will these buttons be displayed smoothly by improving the speed of the site itself?
If anyone knows how to deal with it, would you please let me know?

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I recommend redesigning your website on Dawn theme or Debutify 3.0

You can first add it as a demo theme and edit it until it looks and feels like your old store

Then when you publish it, it will have better google page speed score

The old Shopify themes have very bad google PSI which is why I previously didn't like Shopify, but now I think it's easily the best CMS

I am currently working on my own store and you can follow my tips and progress on my Shopify YouTube playlist:

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Hi, thank you for your suggestion!

I'll try.