I want to make changes in Add to Cart button hover

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I want to make changes in Add to Cart button hover. Below is the screenshot of regular add to cart button without hover


Here is the screenshot of  the add to cart button whenver we hover on it (the problem over here is that there another border appearing around the button and the existing border is getting disappeared). In this you can see that the Add to Cart button is getting slightly BIGGER in size

Screenshot (47).png


Now I am going to show the add to cart button of the website just like I want: Over here in this the EXISTING BORDER COLOR i.e. #e8e8e8 is getting changed to BLUE #0C5273 color during hover effect.

Screenshot (48).png


I hope  you have understood my issue.

Please reply if you have valid solution for this


My website like for your reference is as following: www.swayur.com


Hope to get a reply soon!

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