Image and Text copied to all collections

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Hi There,


I'm in the process of creating another "collection" and I want to add an image and text to that collection only. When I did that it copied the image and text over to all my other collections and when I hide it - it then hides it on all of my collections including the one I want it to be visible on. 

Am I completely missing something??

Thanks for your help


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Hi @JG8,


Did you add the images by going to Admin > Product > Collection?  If yes, can you check other collections in the admin if the same images and descriptions are showing there? If the images are still showing up on the original collection and nothing is wrong on the admin side, then it means that the issue is with the themes. 

By default, the system will use the collection's image and description on the collection page. Go to themes > customize > and then go to collection page:



Check for any customization in the settings that may cause this behavior to happen. If none, then you may need to check this with the theme developer. I hope this helps.


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