Images in Featured Collection super low resolution

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I am looking for help regarding a small problem with an ad in my store.


On my homepage I have a featured collection module for two items. There the first image from my product is displayed and as hover the second one as well. Unfortunately the images there have a super bad quality, although the image was uploaded in high resolution and is very high resolution on the product page.


I have already read through many potentially helpful articles, but unfortunately have not found a solution. I think it's somehow due to the media preview of the featured collection. Can anyone help me out with this?


Thanks in Advance!

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could you solve it? i have the same problem

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I have the same problem in the Dawn theme...


When talking to support, it's already clear that it's impossible to find a solution to such a problem...


The person who develops and updates the theme seems to work anonymously for Shopify... no contact possible...


Incidentally, the problem has existed since version 8.0 of the Dawn theme.


I now have version 13.0