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Hello and thanks for checking this post out.

I have a weird issue, on all my product pages both on mobile and desktop, whenever you press an image you get into some weird mode where you have to scroll to view images.

On mobile you get a superzoom and you can only see the picture that you press, and you cant zoom out - is this normal? I think its very bad and i would want it to look "Normal". When i press it i want it to be a bigger picture, but i want you to be able to go to the next one via arrows on left/right side and not get this weird zoom thing? 😄 

On desktop it also opens the picture zoomed in and here you actually see whole image, and then you can scroll tru them but it still lookes very amature. I want it to open in a bigger picture but i dont want scrolling, i want to have arrows to move to next picture... 

How do i make this happen? Code? app? 

Thanks alot in advance. 

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@Lilboris - I think you have enabled zoom on images, please check customize settings for that page.  To use arrows you will need slider which I believe is not available by default.

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