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import form to liquid section

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Hello, I'm using the Dawn template and the Forms addon from Shopify. I'd like to inquire whether it's possible to import or include a form directly using its ID or name?

Somthing like this 


Thank you

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Hi @Arminda 

  1. You can do this by going to Online Store > Themes > Actions next to the theme you want to edit > Customize. Then, click Forms and select the form you want to import or include. The ID or name of the form will be displayed in the Form ID or Form Name field.
  2. In the Dawn template, go to the page or section where you want to import or include the form.
  3. Add the following code to the page or section:


{% include 'forms/form.liquid' with form_id: 'YOUR_FORM_ID' %}


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Thanks in advance for the quick reply. However, I'm encountering an error, and I'm unsure whether it's something I'm doing wrong or what might be causing it.