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I'm not sure why this company have great reviews, and I really hate that I purchased the theme. I have emailed them and have not receive a response and is needing help with getting this theme set up. Is there any instructions or documentation on how to set things up? 

For example:

1) what are the sizes of the images being used in all of the placements

2) How do I get the navigation menu to populate that shows the About, Contact and FAQ

3) How to replicate the About page (the layout)

I don't need anything custom. I'm just trying to set up my site exactly like their demo.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Welcome to Shopify!

If you have any professional questions about the theme- you should contact the theme developers as you did. Please allow them reasonable time to reply, as app and theme developers get a lot of requests (especially during this COVID19 pandemic) and really do their best to answer ASAP. If they keep not responding you should use Shopify's Customer Support or Help Center for further assistance.


Best of luck!

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Hi, I understand. I really do -- however, this is why documentation and set-up instructions should be created and provided  to those who purchase the theme.

For people like me who only want to set up the theme like the demo, if I had documentation or a setup guide, I wouldn't have a need to contact them. 

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I actually like this Theme a lot.
However - I agree that it takes them pretty long time to answer any support ticket.


2. I'm not sure exactly what are you asking for. can you explain more?

3. While Customizing your theme through Shopify Customizer, use the dropdown on top to choose the 'About Us' page. You'll be able to use different sections.
If you havn't created it yet. make sure you create a new page and choose the 'about us' template.

You can find more useful info here:


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ItayHaritan thanks for replying back. 

There's a menu in the upper top left corner of the demo that has: About Contact and FAQ. I don't know where and how to create that menu bar. It's not under the Customize button. Here's the demo:

When I create a new page, there's no About Page template to choose from. The option that says "page.sections" only creates a duplicate of the home page -- which is different from the About page.


Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 5.23.18 PM.png

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I am using this theme in my store, I have a questions about how to change quantity in meter, like 0.5 meter when someone buy in the remaining stock should be based on meter, check my competitors images.



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What's the email for them?