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Impulse Theme Banner Images

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Hi Shopify,

We have the impulse theme for our site which is

We are having trouble with the photos in the banners sections of the product pages. They continue to move up and down when you scroll on the site. Please help us with this! We have tried everything but can't get this right! 

Thank you in advance!



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You didn't link to a product url with this problem so I'm not digging around, is this about sticky product images?

This is a feature of the Impulse theme when you have long descriptions so the lefthand side it not an empty void.

It is not recommended to disable this feature without a solid business reason.


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That is a feature of the theme 

It looks like it use it may be triggered by the class .product-single__sticky in the product images|gallery|slideshow section|snippet.

Backup your theme first then try and find that product-single__sticky in the relevant files and delete it and test the theme.


Or you can contact me at to buy a fix, but I would recommend considering just leaving the feature on as otherwise desktop users just end up with a long area of whitespace on the left hand side of the design.


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